lundi 16 mai 2016

Spare wheels 82 mm for Thinktank Airport Trolley at good price

You need new wheels for your photography trolley luggage Think tank Airport Trolley serie?

The website (specialised in wheels for roller-skis) is offering compatible wheels in PU/PU soft shore 80 A (82 mm x 24 mm), at a price of 5 euros each. You can also buy there 4 bearings (608 ZZ) for 12 Euros.

They can send them more or less world wide (Payement via IBAN or Paypal.)

Shipping cost in 9.50 € for Europe, 25 € worldwide by Airmail.

So for 2 wheels with 4 bearings send in Europe it will cost you 31.50 euros.

Do not hesitate to contact them by email to get a personal offer.

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